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Real Estate: Oakland County


Many realtors and real estate agents will pay for "leads," in order to build their business, and I could very easily build a site around collecting real estate leads and selling them to the highest bidder. That is NOT the nature of this site. I am NOT selling you as a lead.

Having worked with several real estate agents over the years, I've learned that very few have all the strengths I'm looking for: experience, an eye for detail, personal connections (including those in banking for loans), and above all integrity. There are no doubt several realtors and agents out there with qualities like these, but they're not necessarily easy to find. I've only found one, and want to help others find him as well.

As a matter of disclosure, I do receive a "thank you" referral fee if I've connected him with someone who buys a home. Please remember, I could probably arrange that with any realtor or real estate agent. I'm making this particular recommendation because I believe you'll be happy and grateful that you found such a quality person to work with when looking for your next Oakland County home.
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