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Real Estate: Oakland County

Oakland County Realtor

Having worked with several real estate agents over the years, I've learned that very few have all the strengths I'm looking for: experience, an eye for detail, personal connections (including those in banking for loans), and above all integrity. There are no doubt several realtors and agents out there with qualities like these, but they're not necessarily easy to find. I've only found one, and want to help others find him as well.

I've gotten to know Drew personally over the last few years and have discovered him to be a progressive thinker. He's also a connector -- one of those people who seems to know and get along well with others in many, many areas of business, including highly successful entrepreneurs, bankers, builders, etc. This also gives him resources for better helping his clients when necessary.

Importantly, Drew's been involved with real estate for many years and has the kind of firsthand expertise I would want in someone looking at my home -- which is why we had him help my in-laws find their home in Oakland Township. He was able to help them go after a home on short sale (one of the few realtors really comfortable with this process); and when my in-laws wanted to look at another home nearby, he quickly helped them to assess its value and its pros and cons, then ultimately to snatch it up.

A friendly person you will enjoy working with, Drew is really worth talking with and I encourage you to fill out this short form and he will get in touch to help you.
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