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Rochester, Michigan Real Estate

Rochester, Michigan, is mostly surrounded (on 3 sides) by Rochester Hills, and is really the "downtown" area of the two, with quaint shops and restaurants all collected into a walkable downtown right beside Rochester Park and near one of Michigan's premier hotels, the Royal Park hotel. Paint Creek, well known for fishing, also flows through the town alongside the Paint Creek trail (for bikes and walking).

Plenty of events go on in Rochester throughout the year, including an incredible, award-winning Christmas light show that dazzles the entire downtown; the Thanksgiving parade, which shows on TV; the annual Arts & Apples festival; an annual green living festival; and more. There is also a weekly farmer's market in the warmer months, and there's a wonderful Chamber of Commerce for area merchants.

Homes here range from some of the new, upscale houses right in the downtown area to smaller homes in traditional neighborhoods. There's plenty to keep you busy in Rochester, and beautiful areas you can reach on foot.

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